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  1. Jean Wespetal says:

    I am looking for a piece of granite that will be about 10 feet long and at least 4.5 feet wide. Do you have that large of piece? Do you have people on your staff to help with the design of a kitchen island? Thanks.

  2. Preet says:

    I am looking at a textured granite for my kitchen island. Really confused with antique leathered or brushed finishes. Need a low maintainece high quality granite. Which one is better out of all of them? Please advise.

  3. Sharon says:

    If I buy a counter for my bathroom from you, do you have sinks to choose from and do you factory install the sink ?

  4. Courtney Balke says:

    We have recently priced out new cabinets for our home. The problem is the previous owners recently replaced the counters with granite but put it on top of terrible cabinets. I am curious if you all could save our granite in this case and put it back on after the new counters are in place? We are not changing the footprint at all.

    And even if you would do something like this, is it less costly than just replacing the granite.


  5. Andrew says:

    I would like some information on your on line specials for kitchen counter-tops, thank you,

  6. Matthew Srnec says:

    Hi, we’ve been happy with our Granite counters from you guys. Had it for a year now and I think we are supposed to clean and seal it. What process and products do you recommend? Thanks!

  7. Richard Rasmussen says:

    I am looking at replacing my bathroom vanity top the size is 42.5 x22 how much for a granite priced at $35.. sq ft with a under mount sink? and would like to put a back splash on the 42.5 side and two 22 sides

  8. Paul Wyman says:

    how big are your slabs? I need a 60×62 Island top


    Does the price per foot granite include installation? If not, what is the installation price, per foot? Thanks.

  10. Bob Works says:

    We are looking for a round or oval piece of granite or slate that would have a min. diameter of 17.5 inches to be used as a side table-top. Colors could be blue, gray, brown or rust.

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