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  1. admin says:

    We are here to answer any questions you might have. Simply fill out the reply form and we will answer your questions at our earliest possible opportunity!

    • shailaja says:

      I got a Kashmere white granite (or something close to it) for my new house. There are very dark patches which seem like oil stains where the workers left some oil residue.
      Also some reddish brown stains caused due to some acid reaction from paint tubs.
      Please help by giving some cleaning solutions. Thank u.

    • Lisa Clouthier says:

      Hi, I recently had granite counters installed in my kitchen. There is a seam by the sink I was not happy with because it was uneven and chipped on the edges. The installer came back and sanded the seam so it would be flat. Now I’m left with ripples along the seam and it’s not shiny like the rest of the granite. I am totally disgusted. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have an installer who would be willing to look at it the next time you’re in or near Eau Claire? Thanks.

    • Bob Works says:

      We are looking for a round or oval piece of granite or slate that would have a min. diameter of 17.5 inches to be used as a side table-top. Colors could be blue, gray, brown or rust.

  2. Cheryl Ahclrona says:

    Would the 4 colors at $28 sq. ft. include installing up in Garrison, Minnesota which is on the NW corner of Mille Lacs lake? Thanks.

  3. Dhruval says:

    My builder is quoting me price of $6800 for 25 sqft to install Tropic Brown granite counter top kin Kitchen. Does the price sound reasonable? If not, what price range should I expect?

  4. MaryAnna Kendziera says:

    Hi, We have already purchased two beautiful slabs of Starry Night granite counter top for our kitchen, but my husband and I are at an impass regarding the the kitchen sink. We like the Blanco Silgranit under mount kitchen sink(Diamond Model), but can not decide on whether to go with the color “Metallic Grey” to accent the beautiful silver specs in the granite, or “Anthracite” (a/k/a -black) so not distract from the gorgeous starry night granite slab.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    MaryAnna and Tom Kendziera

  5. Anna says:

    How can I get free estimation?

  6. Tommy k says:

    Riddle me this…. Two kitchens in a row with different types of granite. One kitchen is maple with laquer finish. The other is painted off white with laquer based paint. Super. The day after stone Is installed the door and drawer heads that are under the over hang of the stone turned lime green. Yea, like radioactive green.
    It happened only on sprayed surfaces and only where silicone was applied although the silicone never touched the dis colored surfaces. Anyone?

  7. Frank says:

    I want to build an Island with the dimensions approximately 96″ x 28″. What is different is I just want it to look like a granite table with four legs. I would like the island height to be around 40″ – 42″ tall. The only bracing would be about 6″ skirt aroung the table and having the legs bolted to the floor.

    In your opinion does this seem like a feasibly sturdy kitchen?


  8. Renee Charbonneau-Smith says:

    I recently purchased a new home with granite counter tops. I was very disappointed in the quality of the surface of the stone, it has little chips and scratches all along the surface. The granite I purchased is called Golden Ice. When I discussed this with the granite company, they said that the granite is what it is and that no amount of polishing can fix it. Is this correct? Can I remove some of the scratches by polishing?

  9. Kris Gallagher says:

    We are looking to have a 36″ square coffee table slab made. Do you take orders this small? If not, could you please suggest another company that might? We are located in Lino Lakes. Thank you for your time and assistance!
    Kris Gallagher

  10. Kelly says:

    How long after you come out and measure doesn’t it take to get the granite countertops installed?

  11. Kayla says:

    Advertised Prices starting @ $29 sq ft ?? Where??
    Not on website or is this another selling gimmick?

  12. Joyce Paumen says:

    We already have 3 Granite Remnants

    We need to have them cut, polished and installed and will need an undercount bar sink for the center slab.

    I understand we would have to sign a waiver in the event the granite breaks during the fabrication process, since it is customer provided.
    Granite Remnants thickness = 3/4 inch granite

    Remnant Dimensions:
    approx 25.5 Deep by 34 1/4 Wide

    Granite will extend approx 1” in front and one side of cabinet on the two outside pieces.

    Cabinet outside dimensions:

    L 21 1/2 D X 27 1/4 W
    Center 24 .5 D X 30.24 W
    R 21 1/2 X 27 1/4 W

  13. Andy says:

    I’m looking at putting in a granite ‘bench’ in a bay window in a formal living room. It would be 80″ long and 12-15″ wide with no cut outs. The trim in the room is white and it has natural oak flooring. I would like to keep it fairly simple. It will be replacing some sheetrock. What would you suggest and what would it cost? Thanks.


  14. Simon Wirth says:

    I have a stone countertop in my bathroom that has suffered from the abuse of a leaky faucet which produces hard water deposits. I have fixed the leaky faucet and now would like to repair the mineral deposits left on the counter. What is the best way to make it look new again? It has about 10 months of build-up and is not fixed with vinegar or CLR.

  15. Mollie says:

    Do you carry caesarstone as well?

  16. robert hill says:

    what price to cut out for sink, faucets?

  17. Glen says:

    Where do you do the fabrication and what do you use to cut the granite?

  18. Jean Wespetal says:

    I am looking for a piece of granite that will be about 10 feet long and at least 4.5 feet wide. Do you have that large of piece? Do you have people on your staff to help with the design of a kitchen island? Thanks.

  19. Preet says:

    I am looking at a textured granite for my kitchen island. Really confused with antique leathered or brushed finishes. Need a low maintainece high quality granite. Which one is better out of all of them? Please advise.

  20. Sharon says:

    If I buy a counter for my bathroom from you, do you have sinks to choose from and do you factory install the sink ?

  21. Courtney Balke says:

    We have recently priced out new cabinets for our home. The problem is the previous owners recently replaced the counters with granite but put it on top of terrible cabinets. I am curious if you all could save our granite in this case and put it back on after the new counters are in place? We are not changing the footprint at all.

    And even if you would do something like this, is it less costly than just replacing the granite.


  22. Laurie WHite says:

    Do you also do COunter tops for Bathrooms?

  23. Andrew says:

    I would like some information on your on line specials for kitchen counter-tops, thank you,

  24. Matthew Srnec says:

    Hi, we’ve been happy with our Granite counters from you guys. Had it for a year now and I think we are supposed to clean and seal it. What process and products do you recommend? Thanks!

  25. Richard Barr says:

    Our new home has granite kitchen countertops. On one section there is a circular spot that does not match the grain of the rest. Although it feels smooth, a flash photograph revealed a lot of scratches on this spot that do not carry over to the rest of the panel. Could a hole have been patched before the piece reached the builder?

  26. Richard Rasmussen says:

    I am looking at replacing my bathroom vanity top the size is 42.5 x22 how much for a granite priced at $35.. sq ft with a under mount sink? and would like to put a back splash on the 42.5 side and two 22 sides

  27. Sophia Walfall says:

    Good morning,

    I purchased my granite countertop (Solarius) approcimateky 3 weeks ago and I noticed a chip on it. I have cast iron on my stove top and I took them off and place them on the countertop to clean the stove. This is the only thing I am assuming could have made the chip. Could the chip be fixed and why is granite so easy to get danage? I thought it was a very hard stone.

    Sophia Walfall

  28. Paul Wyman says:

    how big are your slabs? I need a 60×62 Island top

  29. GIna Picchi says:

    I would like to know if part vinegar part water is ok to clean granite? Also how to get rid of lime stains/water stains on granite

  30. LINDA GRONLUND says:

    Does the price per foot granite include installation? If not, what is the installation price, per foot? Thanks.

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